Advectas Management Consulting

Advectas Management consulting

Advectas’ management consultants assist with tasks such as platform evaluations, KPI analysis, project management and advice on BICC setup and strategy implementation initiatives.

We assist with platform evaluations, KPI analysis, project management and advice on organization (Business Intelligence Competency Center (BICC), Analytics Center of Excellence) and initiatives relating to management control and strategy implementation. Achieving a functioning solution and organization for business intelligence requires not only good technical knowledge but also governance models and a strategic mind-set regarding analytics, goals and monitoring. To ensure our deliveries we also have the Advectas method, a project implementation methodology that we have developed ourselves thanks to our vast experience. The methodology contains the components needed to design, implement and run and maintain a successful BI initiative.

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BI & Analytics Strategy

Good preparation lays the foundation for creating value and a well-managed BI solution in the long term. Advectas can act as an advisor or as a strategic partner when developing or reviewing your BI strategy. We always base our work on the customers management control model and make sure that the content of the solution connects strategic goals to KPI’s and operational measures. This operational roadmap is then secured through a customized governance model and a technical/architectural plan for taking the BI and analytics initiative forward as efficiently as possible.


Advectas offers our client’s guidance and support to make sure the right initiatives are chosen and that the investments deliver the highest possible ROI. With extensive operational experience in most industries, we help you define your management control model and the KPIs that guide your business in its strategic direction, identify areas for improvement in your business processes and the best solution for your specific needs.

Value Assessment

Advectas works in line with a proven value assessment model to identify problem areas and identify solutions to these areas in your existing reporting and analysis processes. Together we walk through your business processes to identify areas for improvement and set up strategic goals. We strive to make this an iterative process that is repeated on a frequent basis.

Strategy-Driven Performance Management

Based on the review and analysis of the company’s overall strategy and critical success factors, together we set up models for measurements and KPIs with the aim of creating an organization in which everyone works in the same direction. Our model is specially adapted to secure and visualize the cause-effect correlation broken down in the different parts of the organization.

Governance Models

Many organizations ask themselves “Why does it take so long to get a new BI report from IT?”, “How should we prioritize all the incoming requests?”, “Who’s responsible for ensuring that what we develop generates as much value as possible?” and “Have we gained any value at all?” Advectas has extensive experience of assisting clients to set up governance processes with roles and responsibilities, organization (BICC, Analytics Center of Excellence), methodology and working methods.

Platform Evaluations

Based on the client’s situation and needs, we perform evaluations of existing solutions and provide recommendations regarding platforms, architecture and use cases, for example. This can encompass Business Intelligence, Data Warehouse and budgeting/planning as well as financial consolidation and master data management solutions. The platform evaluation can, for example, be performed before choosing a BI tool or when evaluating your current solution. We support related data warehouse architectures, ETL and integration projects, front-end design, security models, and more. We always apply our cutting-edge expertise in the relevant solution area or technology to ensure the analysis is as accurate as possible.

Project Management and Requirement Analysis

In our role as external project manager Advectas can together with the client take responsibility for specific processes, projects and areas of improvement. Advectas has created its own project methodology, the Advectas Method, which is specially designed to implement Business Intelligence projects. Depending on the situation and the client’s preferences, we also work with other methods such as Scrum.