Robert Engels, Capgemini Insights Data

Webinar – Is your organization a Data Master?

Is your organization a Data Master?

Being a Data Master will be key to succeed in the digital transformation. Being a Data Master is about two things, the data foundations and the data behaviors.

The data foundations are the necessary tools and technologies with which an organization can use and leverage data, while data behaviors are part of the DNA of the organization related to people, processes, skills and culture. Taken together, they drive data mastery.

AI, Machine Learning, Process Intelligence and Advanced Analytics will be key tools for companies to become Data Masters. However, today’s data platforms are full of limitations and they need to be modernized.

Data behaviors are about the organization’s relationship with the data and how they use it in the best way to support innovation, customer development and internal executions.

Welcome to this webinar where we discuss the way of becoming a Data Master, an important piece in the concept of Data Estate Modernization.

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