Scaling Analytics

Please download the white paper about Scaling Analytics – A guide for how to take an Analytics pilot project to full-scale solution

In a wide variety of contexts, Advectas has examined the pitfalls, challenges and difficulties in the transition to a data-driven organisation. We have spotlighted the lack of strategies, excessive focus on technology and the shortfall in enthusiasts. Despite these issues, however, increasing numbers of companies are getting under way on this journey. As often as not in the form of a technical pilot project to test an analytics tool, perhaps initiated by IT. We feel good when we start up new initiatives since it feels as though we are doing something concrete. However, when it comes to scaling up a pilot project into a full-scale solution in the organisation, there may be barriers on the way – before, during and after the pilot project. We will describe some of these barriers and, based on our experience, offer advice on how best to increase your chances of success.

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