Advectas has hired a new Data Scientist

A couple of weeks ago we welcomed a new Data Scientist to our office in Gothenburg and her name is Zenodia Charpy. Zenodia is originally from Taiwan but she has lived in Sweden for over 10 years. She feels that data science is all about being the voice of the customer by combining data science techniques and extracting behaviour patterns with a probabilistic approach. She calls herself a data geek who is very passionate about using advanced analytics to assist businesses in becoming a fully data-driven organizations.

Zenodia says that she always has been analytical, which is why all her past jobs were largely in this area, serving as an analyst of some sort. She also does programming, with a strong focus on Python and R. In her previous positions she has worked with customers such as Volvo AB, Penta, Cars, Gina Tricot, Ikea, Ellos and Stena Line. She likes Big Data and Advanced Analytics because it is flexible enough to cover a broad spectrum of interesting clients with various needs. She also feels that it allows her to grow and learn different things everyday through challenges from the clients and herself.

In her work, she is extra passionate about Machine Learning. She says that even though the real-time data streaming part is something that not many clients have requested thus far, it’s an area she would love to delve into more deeply, along with recommender systems, deep learning and text analysis.

In her spare time, she likes yoga, fashion and salsa. And she also loves to take photos of her 3-year-old son!

We are delighted to wish Zenodia welcome to our office in Sweden!


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