About Xencian Planning

Xencian Planning is a budget and planning solution for customers who use Microsoft’s platform for Business Intelligence.

Many companies have built up their BI solution in a Microsoft environment and are struggling with how to manage their budgeting- and planning processes. Many have designed their own Excel solutions, while others have purchased expensive and complicated tools that are difficult to use. Those who have invested in Excel are often caught in a so-called “Excel hell”, while those who bought more advanced products from major software vendors are often stuck with complex and inflexible solutions.

At Advectas we have years of experience of the challenges faced by companies as they strive to develop budget and planning processes efficiently. In our dialog with small and medium-sized companies, we have often seen a need for a easier solution. Advectas’ customized budget and planning solution, Xencian Planning aims to support and simplify this work process. It includes the most important functionalities found in the big systems and is user-friendly because we chose to reduce excessive functionality.


  • Easy to use
  • Quick implementation
  • Flexible
  • Scalable
  • Web-based

The most important functionalities:

  • Workflow management with for example authorization and control of the budget process
  • Top-down modelling to accelerate the planning process
  • Simulation opportunities and “what if” scenarios
  • Possibility of planning at a high level and breaking this down to a lower and more relevant level
  • Client/server solution, all data is updated directly and centrally
  • Opportunity for free text and comments at cell level
  • Integration with source system which enables simple comparison between outcome and planning

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