About Xencian Master Data management

 Xencian Master Data Management – MDM is a product to keep control and create a common structure of the master data. This data is often spread out at different locations with different names for the same thing, like customers, which can be in both the CRM- as well as in the ERP system. With  a common interface with all data in one place you will get the prerequisite for control and common view.

Why Xencian MDM?

Whenever integrating two or more data sources for reporting, the relationship between the fields contained in the sources need to be described. It is all too common that these mappings are hardcoded into the solution or maintained in Excel. Xencian MDM is and interface for dynamically maintaining field mappings. Xencian MDM is a completely web based interface to manage Data mappings where the mapping needs to be maintained, for example in Data Warehouses or BI applications. Xencian MDM includes management of user roles to change data so maintenance of specific data can be assigned to the correct function in the line of business. Included is also a powerful search function used to easily find affected lines in large tables. The technology platform is MS SQL Server.

Benefits with xencian MDM?

  • Completely web based. Any device. Anywhere
  • Assign maintenance tasks to line of business through user roles
  • Powerful search function
  • Standard Microsoft technology, SQL Server
  • One license per server, no limit on domains or users.

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