About Profisee

Profisee is an American Software company who develop software for data handling and master data management.


The area Master Data Management receive more and more attention, and Profisee a Microsoft Gold partner is well positioned in this field. Their software handles import of master data from different sources, data cleaning and homogenizes of company unique records – Golden Records. Their global master data id’s are then used in the company’s CPM systems (data warehouse, budget/forecast and financial consolidation) as well as more transaction oriented systems (ERP, CRM, SRM, PLM, webshops etc.). Except the creation of company unique master data, the platforms also include workflow, event and certifying to administrate the master data. With GDPR correct and efficient handling of master data will be extra important and Profisee is here a good tool to support this.

Profisee’s platform works with Microsoft SQL Server and is a perfect match for Advectas customer who build their data warehouse in this environment.

Read more on: www.profisee.com


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