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Matillion is the tool that assists the ELT journey in the cloud. The tool is designed for the cloud and is faster, simpler and more cost-effective than traditional ETL tools. With Matillion you get full power and scalability in your cloud databases thanks to innovative push-down technology. Matillion is designed in accordance with Best Practice for Snowflake, AWS Redshift and Google BiqQuery.

In addition to its unique technology, Matillion is also ranked high by customers for its usability – a survey conducted by the company shows that 90 % of customers would recommend the tool to friends or colleagues. Matillion ELT is also the highest-ranked product on AWS Marketplace with more than 90 five-star reviews. What is more, Matillion secured TrustRadius’s highest award for data integration in 2019.


Matillion is fast, safe and engineered for considerable integration with many different platforms and services. This makes Matillion a powerful and cost-effective solution, at the same time as your DW team becomes more efficient and faster on the journey to the cloud.

Matillion is built for the cloud, unlike traditional tools that have migrated to the cloud. The solutions are optimised and specially designed for the cloud platform that they are required to support.

The cloud-based ELT architecture can be scaled up virtually without limit. This makes it possible for Matillion to grow to keep pace with changing needs.

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