Looker belongs to the latest generation of powerful cloud platforms for data analysis and visualisation. The platform gives companies the right preconditions for being able to create a data-driven culture and can easily be integrated into various work-flows and processes. With Looker it is easy to create and share powerful visualisations and the entire company gains access to dependable information. The goal is that everyone in the operation should have the opportunity to explore and understand the data that drives the company.

This analysis platform integrates data in the daily work and gives users in different parts of the organisation convenient access to the very latest information. Industry-leading and innovative companies such as Sony, King, Amazon, The Economist, Etsy and Kickstarter have chosen Looker to create a data-driven culture.

Looker uses a simple modelling language called LookML to define the relationships in the database. This makes it possible for the user to explore, store and download data without needing to be familiar with SQL. Looker uses the power in SQL to create a unique and powerful data analysis platform that helps companies extract genuine value from their data.

why Looker?

  • A comprehensive cloud-based analysis platform – integrate, explore, visualise and deliver your data from one single platform.
  • A handy and user-friendly analysis platform for today’s fast databases.
  • Looker makes it easy to control and adapt data access, which in turn means decisions can be made faster and with better information.

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