about BIRST 

Birst (part of Infor) is an advanced platform for Business Intelligence and Analytics, offering many years of experience with the Infors Movex/M3 business system.


Birst is a unique, entirely cloud-based BI solution that Infor acquired in 2017 and which already then received excellent reviews by both Gartner and Forrester. The benefits of Birst include a strong back-end for data prep with excellent integration potential and at the same time a flexible and intuitive front-end for Self-Service BI, where the user can include own data for analysis.

Birst supports a variety of different data sources, not just Infor, although there are many standard templates for the Infors ERP system.

Birst naturally utilises the power of the cloud and Amazon’s broad-based offers, and can handle extremely large data quantities and advanced analysis via a multitude of data sources (Networked BI).

Advectas has certified consultants for the Birst platform and is happy to tell you more about why Birst represents the next-generation BI.


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