Data-driven insights have become crucial to corporate success, but the Nordic region is lagging behind according to a new report from Capgemini!

A recently released report from Capgemini reveals that the use of data and data-driven insights is a prerequisite for business success, but that Nordic companies lag behind in this key area. According to Capgemini’s Swedish experts, Scandinavian legislation may be an obstacle for Nordic companies. A lack of faith in the information available also negatively impacts corporate profits.

The report indicates that fewer than 40 per cent of global operations can actually use data and data-driven insights to power innovation and generate operational value. The survey also reveals that companies actively using data for innovation and development of their business spheres succeed far better than competitors that are comparable in other respects. Companies that succeed in developing the potential available from use of data achieve an average income increase of about 70 per cent per employee and show 22 per cent better profitability than those that do not succeed in doing so.

The report also shows that Nordic companies have not yet succeeded in harnessing the potential available from use of data. As many as 77 per cent of American respondents in the survey say their company’s decisions are based on data-generated insights. The corresponding figure in Sweden is just 48 per cent, which is below the average in the international survey. Countries such as the USA, Germany, Britain and Australia are ahead of the Nordic countries.

You can read the highlights from the survey in the blog post written by Thomas Svahn, Head of Insights & Data Sweden/Advectas. Thomas has also contributed his research results to the report, read the blog post here. If you want further detail, you can read the entire report here.

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