Advectas launches new Process Mining offering

To help our customers transition from insight to action, Advectas has added Process Mining to the solution menu. Newly recruited Peter Selberg is responsible for the concept and sees great potential.“The goal is for Advectas to be the global number one in identifying improvement potential for IT-driven processes”.

Process Mining analyses operational data from a workflow perspective, allowing it to be automatically visualized as flowcharts and identifying deviations and bottlenecks. “Traditional Business Intelligence solutions are very good at showing if and where we have operational issues. Process Mining also shows us why – which activities or deviations are the real root causes behind these problems.”

The offering will first be fine-tuned together with a few selected customers. In the next phase Advectas will focus on developing predefined base solutions for the larger ERP systems. “With a predefined connector, we can deliver results in just a few days. All ERP-users will therefore have a great opportunity to understand their operational improvement potential with the unique insights that Process Mining provides.”

For more information about Process Mining, click here.