Advectas in Stockholm has hired a Data Scientist

Advectas in Stockholm recently welcomed a Data Scientist to their team. Gustav Eklund´s role is a consultant in the field of advanced analysis, also called Data Scientist. The role is about helping customers to gain better insight and decision making through statistical models and analysis.

Gustav studied Aeronautical Engineering at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and also has a MBA in Business Administration and Marketing. Before he started at Advectas, he worked at IBM with technical sales of analysis tools. During his education he gained a lot of knowledge of mathematics, statistics and probability theory. All this together has given him a good foundation to stand on. His economic education and his time at IBM has given him a complete understanding of the role of technology in business and the need of linking technical solutions to the challenges and strategies. Gustav believe that this combination of education and understanding is good to have since it helps him to communicate at all levels.

In his work he is extra passionate about image analysis, since according to him it is a source of information that has great potential. He is looking forward to follow the trend in this area.

In his new role at Advectas he hopes to get in contact with many different people in different industries, and to contribute to a better decision making!