2021 predictions – This is how you need to work to become fully data-driven

”No, data is not the new oil – if only because that has undisputedly become one of the biggest clichés of the industry. It’s actually much more than that. It provides the energy for resilience, performance, agility, innovation and even renaissance-style breakthroughs in every business play.”

This is how Zhiwei Jiang, CEO, Insights & Data and Ron Tolido, CTO, Insights & Data (Capgemini) start their first blog of the year. They give us new perspectives with 7 exciting predictions about how we need to work with data in 2021 to become fully data-driven.

Read about their thoughts on data as sustainable energy, about how AI ethics is hotter than ever and about how innovation needs to be scaled up to generate real value.

Read the entire blog + bonus material via the link.