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what is DI Gazelle?

DI Gazelle is an annual award given by the Dagens Industri newspaper to Sweden’s fastest-growing company. The term “gazelle company” was minted in the 1980s by American David Birch who noted that it is the smaller, faster-growing companies that create the most new jobs. Very few (less than one per cent) of Sweden’s limited companies meet the requirements for classification as gazelle companies.

What do you mean by “The Nordic region’s foremost total supplier?”?
That there is no other independent consultancy in the Nordic region that has more specialists within analytics (Business Intelligence and Data Science) who build systems and supply solutions in cooperation with, but independent of, the leading product suppliers.

Freedom with responsibility sound good, but does that mean you don’t have procedures?
No, not at all! Advectas is a company with more than 200 employees and facilities in several locations in Scandinavia, and we naturally have very clear guidelines. Our intranet has a staff manual detailing procedures for just about everything to do with our workplace. This is necessary to ensure that we follow relevant legislation and regulations, but clarity also gives the employees a necessary measure of security. Everyone knows what applies.

What are the employment terms and conditions like?
We have individual wage setting and the employment terms and conditions vary with the individual requirement profile and the applicant’s qualifications. More information is provided at the employment interview.

What is the average age of employees at Advectas?
We do not feel that the average or mean age of our employees is particularly relevant, so we do not keep such statistics. But at a rough guess our average age is probably around 35, spanning an overall range between about 25 and 65.

What happens after I submit my application?
Depending on what job and/or site you are interested in, you application will be sent to the relevant person at Advectas. He or she will make an assessment of the contents of your application, which usually takes up to about a week. We will then get back to you with information about how the process will move forward. We may want supplementary information before you are called for an interview. If both you and we feel that you would fit in well as a consultant with us, the process will go forward. This may involve phone calls to follow up references from previous employees, or more specific discussions about your role.

We always handle all applications with the utmost confidentiality and only those persons who are directly affected by your application will find out about your interest in Advectas.


Do you employ people with other skills or only computer consultants?
Most of our employees, and all our consultants, work in one way or another with decision-making support that involves data-driven insights. But this does not mean that all our consultants are computer engineers. We also recruit qualified staff within other related areas, such as economists, HR specialists and Management Consultants. All so that we can help our customers make better decisions based on accurate data.

Can I submit a spontaneous application, or do you only accept applications for available vacancies?
There is considerable demand for Advectas’s services and we always have a need to recruit new employees interested in Business Intelligence and Data Science. So you are always welcome to submit your application. If you have any questions or would like us to contact you to discuss what jobs we have in the pipeline, please use our application form.

What kind of customer does Advectas look for?
Advectas works primarily with large limited companies, corporations and local/national government institutes. Our customer register for the past five years lists half of Sweden’s 100 largest companies. Our offer comes into its own when large quantities of data need to be collected, structured, analysed and presented for decision-makers at all levels. In addition to Business Intelligence we also work with Data Science, which in practice deals with predicting future trends and events with the help of advanced data analysis (machine learning or artificial intelligence, AI).

Do you accept trainees or graduate students?
Yes, we do occasionally accept trainees from universities, colleges and so on. Do send us your application if you are interested.

I have a question about something to which I haven’t received an answer. What should I do?
Use our contact form if you would like to ask a question.

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