Find out what Hanna Ottosson does during the day

Hanna works at our Gothenburg office, and she’s a person with a truly creative streak. Her journey from what she thought she wanted to work with while she was at senior-high school, to what she actually does today, has been anything but straightforward. At Advectas she works primarily with our Support customers in her role as service manager or project manager. She is responsible for the operational part of ‘Advectas Solution Services’ and works on plans to ensure there are sufficient resources within all areas. She really is the proverbial spider in the web.

What did you do before this?
After graduating from senior-high school in the art and design programme, I decided not to work with art. Instead I started studying Systems Science at university. However, I missed the creative aspect so I added to my bachelor degree with a master’s degree in Entertainment Design and Technology at Gothenburg’s IT University. I studied a broad mix of courses such as character impersonation, digital filmmaking and game programming. It was a bit of a mish-mash yet at the same time a really enjoyable period in my life. After completing my studies I got a job at a small consulting firm where I served as management consultant and implemented business systems. It was also there that I started working with QlikView. As a QlikView consultant I then got a job at CGI, where I had the opportunity to work for a few years as a project manager and service manager.

What is your role at Advectas?
Today I work as a service manager and project manager, primarily for our Support customers. I am responsible for the operational aspect of Solution Services and draw up plans to ensure there are adequate resources in all relevant areas. I also follow up events and create structured routines and processes in Support.

Your most enjoyable memory at Advectas?
My instinctive response would be the conference in Palma. The sun, the warmth, diving into the sea from the boat deck, all our great colleagues and finally the dance on the last night. I also think about the fun phone calls that are part of my everyday schedule with my work colleagues at Support – we can talk about all sorts of things, nothing is off-limits.

Why did you choose to work at Advectas?
Many of my former colleagues from a previous employer had joined Advectas and they seemed to enjoy the atmosphere here. I also felt Advectas was a fun and sociable company where a whole lot happens.

What does your typical workday look like?
My work involves a lot of emailing, meetings and evaluation updates via Skype with both colleagues and customers. I continuously follow up incidents so they are dealt with quickly and I see to it that there are sufficient resources for all events. My work also involves planning holidays and free time, and I participate in the sales process, including meetings with new customers, writing tenders and so on.