Find out what Foad Moradi does during the day

Foad is a management consultant who is truly enthusiastic about Business Intelligence. He reckons he not only has fun at work, he really has fun at work. He enjoys his role as a consultant since it allows him to stay updated on the latest technological advances. The occasionally fast pace suits him well since he likes variation. Freedom with responsibility is something he values about his work since this approach allows him to shape his working day.

What did you do before this?
In my previous life I studied business informatics in Jönköping. After finishing my studies I worked at Husqvarna’s IT department for a while. As my friends started leaving for all the corners of the world I decided to move to Stockholm, where I got a job at Fortum. At Fortum I worked with everything from front-end development in Cognos to project management and operational development. While I was there my role transitioned increasingly into a more strategic one and I also recruited and built up a new team. I was finally made responsible for Fortum’s Swedish BI and Analytics team. It was about then that I came into contact with Advectas. Advectas was involved in a fairly major project dealing with the development of a new data model for Fortum Markets and built both reports and analyses based on that model. I found it very easy to work together with Advectas and the consultants they sent us were highly competent, so I decided to expand our cooperation.

After my parental leave last year I tested my wings at another company where I was responsible for a GDPR project. It was a particularly technical role and I soon missed the softer aspects of the job, not least in the form of operational management. It therefore felt perfectly natural to move to Advectas when I received an offer to work with both these aspects, which I feel is just great.

what is your role at Advectas?
At Advectas I participate in the Management Consulting operation and I am part of this group. I work both with front-end development in Tableau and also with the softer operations such as helping companies to become data-driven and to succeed with their Self-Service BI initiatives. I am involved in implementing cultural changes in companies that want to become data-driven, and focus on increasing their trust in data. It is interesting and immensely rewarding to have the opportunity to help companies with both the hard technical issues and the soft management aspects. I enjoy being part of a company’s evolution along the entire journey towards data-driven operations.

How would you describe Advectas?
Analytics, comprehensive responsibility, and trust. Advectas has the expertise needed to be able to take comprehensive responsibility for the customer since we command the entire range from start to finish.

what does your typical workday look like?
A typical day sees me wake up at 06.00, starting off the day with a few lively debates with my young daughter about what she will eat for breakfast and what she’ll wear before I drive her to nursery. At 08.00 or so I’m at work at a customer’s premises. I’ve read somewhere that a person’s thought processes function best before lunch, which seems to be about right in my case so I plan my day accordingly. In the morning I try to focus on development – right now I’m working on structuring databases. I often spend the afternoons at meetings and so on. My work involves dealing with all the ‘technical’ issues at our customers, while at the same time serving as a spokesperson for other departments. I’m also responsible for ensuring that the right consultants are in the right place, for seeing to it that the customer is always satisfied, and for making sure we deliver on time.

What’s so good about working as a consultant?
I appreciate the fact that you get to learn such a lot, you quite simply have to learn in order to keep pace and make progress in your projects. It’s fun to be surrounded by such competent colleagues from whom you are constantly learning new things. I reckon Business Intelligence is such fun, so for me it’s a pleasure to keep updated in this area. I also enjoy the fast pace – it suits my personality. My life as a consultant gives me a little more freedom to shape my workday.

What is Advectas like as a workplace?
The culture at Advectas is very open-minded, here we can discuss any and everything. Even though we are more than 200 employees today, there is still a warm, close-knit atmosphere at the company. My colleagues are always happy to help each other, it feels like we are all pulling in the same direction, helping the company and each other to make progress. It is highly appreciated that my expert colleagues provide interesting lunch presentations via Skype in which they share with everyone what they are doing and why.

The corporate culture allows people to make mistakes – you can have an idea and it’s OK to test it without people getting annoyed with you if it doesn’t quite work out. For me it’s a precondition for being able to reach my full potential as an employee.