Vad är AI? Artificiell Intelligens


Welcome to the first article in the blog series “What is AI?” The AI concept will be introduced and concretised over a series of several articles. Let’s begin with that buzzword – AI.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is exactly what it sounds like: artificial means man-made, and intelligence can be defined as the ability to develop one’s thinking on the basis of given parameters. In other words, something that is man-made that can adapt in response to an evolving situation.

The concept of AI has been around since the ancient Greeks, who envisaged “mechanical servants” that would be able to help philosophers with their daily tasks. In modern times AI has often been given a bad press in films, in the kind of science fiction scenario where robots aim to take over the world. However, today AI is being implemented on a broad scale in a variety of sectors, everything from medical care to commerce, often as a helping hand in complex and demanding decisions. The benefit and change that will be generated by AI is predicted to impact society on the same massive scale as the Internet or electrification.

AI is often mentioned in combination with other terms such as machine learning, big data, deep learning and data science. But what exactly do these buzzwords mean, and how do they all tie in together? In the following blog article we will examine the most common terms used today in AI, as in the graphic below.


Keep your eyes open for the next article, where we will examine the relationship between machine learning and AI.