Advectas Analytics Jumpstart

Questions that need answers in a digitalized world

Are you, like everyone else, wondering how you can transform your enterprise?

  • What does digitalization mean to you, what challenges do you face and what is your strategy for moving forward?
  • What data do you need, and is it accessible with a view to providing the enterprise with fresh insight?
  • How well equipped are your users with powerful analytical tools for finding insights into both customers and processes and being able to transform your enterprise?
  • What decisions, strategic and operational, can you make if you mix structured data with unstructured data and what further insights can you gain?
  • How dependent are you on IT?

Advectas analytics jumpstart

Many companies are currently working on digital transformation and want to become more data-driven in their working methods and processes, but they don’t know how to get started. Analytics JumpStart is a best-practice method, tested academically and in real life. It´s a cost-effective way for companies to start their digital transformation and journey towards succeeding with a data-driven corporate culture.

Depending on the scope, JumpStart takes four to eight weeks and it always provides insightful results that make it easy for decision-makers to determine whether or not to make a further investment. The method is carried out by experienced Data Scientists and Data Engineers and always in very close collaboration with the client. If you are wondering how to get started then Analytics JumpStart is the best method – and the journey is great fun.