Advectas Data Warehouse Framework


About Advectas DWF

Advectas Data Warehouse Framework – DWF is a standardized and pre-packaged data warehouse solution that is fast to implement compared with more conventional data warehouses. Furthermore, it’s adapted to several of the market’s leading ERP systems.

The conventional way of building up a data warehouse is to work iteratively and connect source systems as information and analysis needs occurs. Every solution is unique and you start from scratch when a new data warehouse has to be built. This makes introducing a Data Warehouse solution in an organization both time-consuming and expensive. But with a pre-packaged solution like DWF you are up and running quickly, securely and cost-effectively. DWF is based on standard components used by Microsoft in its SQL Server solution.

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Why Advectas DWF?

The high degree of standardization means you’ll be up and running quickly and at a low cost. All relevant information about data (metadata) from the ERP system is automatically transferred to the DWF. The solution is completely self-documenting, which saves both time and money. DWF is a product that follows the developments of the ERP system. Any Business Intelligence tool can be used as an output and analytics tool on top of the data warehouse in DWF.

What makes DWF unique?

  • Quick implementation of ready-to-use standard models
  • Simple modification of data warehouse without writing code
  • Self-documenting tool
  • Low total cost

DWF is adapted to several of the market’s leading ERP-systems

  • Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • IFS
  • Infor M3 (formerly Lawson M3 / Movex)
  • IPTOR/IBS Enterprise/ASW