Process Analysis

Why Process Analysis?

For an improvement project to achieve results it’s not enough to know what your company needs to be better at – you also have to understand which behaviours actually need to change.

This insight is difficult to obtain from a conventional Business Intelligence solution because it measures and analyses results, not the activities and actions that led to them. Process Analysis is the link between our KPIs and the underlying workflows and it finally allows us to see bottlenecks, process deviations and other problems.

What is Process Analysis and what are its application areas?

Process Analysis treats data from operational systems as steps in chains of events, as opposed to separate and independent measurements. By combining Process Analysis with the definition of our KPIs and business rules, we can clearly demonstrate how our different working methods affect our results and which ones we should focus our improvement initiatives on. Advectas offers total solutions for Process Analysis with everything from short consultancy assignments to full-scale platform implementations in collaboration with our partner QPR Software.

Process Mapping

Understanding our actual operational processes can be a difficult and extremely time-consuming challenge. Process Analysis can automatically map and measure the actual flows for millions of transactions with a choice of level of detail. The results can then be broken down and presented according to your choice of dimension – such as region, month, and product group or customer type.

Process Development

By combining the results of the Process Mapping with our KPIs, SLAs and business rules, we can obtain reports about what we do differently in our successful transactions compared with our less successful ones. Process Analysis reveals the true causes behind both our problems and our most successful units and offerings. These results form the ideal basis for business development and process improvement projects.

Process Monitoring

When specific processes are required to comply with external regulation or internal policy, it is essential to be able to continuously measure how closely we are following the prescribed working methods. Implementing a process-monitoring solution gives us a central platform for immediately detecting deviations and monitoring to ensure that our measures do in fact produce the desired results.

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